Custom Jewelry Design & Engagement Rings

Custom Design Jewelry

Gems of La Costa offers custom design jewelry and manufacturing. We can make your dream come true. With over 30 years experience in custom design jewelry, our master jeweler can create your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring or any other jewelry from scratch for you.

Do you have your own idea for a custom design jewelry piece? We can do start to finish design and production of jewelry in your individual style. We’ll help you put your ideas on paper, and our craftsmen can create the piece of your dreams in the metal of your choice.

  • Start to finish design and production of jewelry in your individual style
  • One-of-a-kind creations you will cherish for years to come
  • We can create anything – no piece is too difficult
  • We can use gemstones that you already have
  • We can turn that old, unworn piece of jewelry into something fresh and exciting

On-site Master Jewelers – Out of Sight Custom Designs
Custom designed jewelry and engagement rings made by our master jewelers.

From Idea Into Reality

Sometimes, our customers have seen a design in a magazine and would like to get a customized version or they want to use diamonds from a heirloom jewelry piece. If you came up with your own idea or you would like to recreate a lost family piece, we can take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Custom Design & Fabrication

Custom design jewelry usually starts with a good understanding of what you are looking for. Starting with a scan of your existing diamonds or gemstones, you want to integrate is the first step that allows us to create a mockup you. Sketches of designs or Photoshop mock-ups are a good start for us to find out what you are looking for and narrow down details and size considerations.

Computer Aided Jewelry Design


In recent years CAD, (Computer Aided Design) is being used to create more intricate designs than what was possible with traditional wax carving or making jewelry by hand.

After the initial consultation with one of our master jewelers, we will create a CAD design on the computer for your custom piece. One of the unique things about having a custom CAD design, is that you can view your jewelry (before we make it in metal)  from multiple directions and everything is proportional. Having everything in proportion is  sometimes lost in a hand drawing.

The computer simulation is a rendering of the CAD file that looks more like the real finished piece. This step enables you to see the piece from all sides and takes the guess work out of the custom designs. Furthermore, we can make adjustments to the design if needed. We will show all the views including side, top, end and a three dimensional view. This way you get to be part of the process to make sure you’ll be happy with your unique design.

Next, the CAD file “instructions” are sent to a 3D printer that is essentially a wax growing machine. It grows the design by building up layers of wax or resin that gives us the 3D model we use for the lost wax casting process. When the casting is finished, the gemstones/diamonds are set into the ring and the final finishing is completed.


Some of our recent custom designs

Custom Design Engagement Rings

Custom Designs (Redesigns Using Customers Stones)

Other Custom Designs

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Title: Custom Jewelry Design & Engagement Rings
Reviewed by Marcie T. on Yelp on Jul 10
Rating: 5.0
Summary: If you are looking for beautiful jewelry, kind courteous caring people and great service – you’ve found the place!
Description: Dale and Linda and the rest of their team at Gems of La Costa are the absolute best. They are honest, reliable, helpful and talented. We originally found them when my husband (then fiance) bought my engagement ring someplace else. We had terrible service, supper snooty interactions with the staff and many disappointments in delivery times with that awful place. We noticed that the original appraisal for the piece came from Gems of La Costa, so we decided to stop in there and see if it was any better. Boy am I glad we did!! We’ve since bought my wedding ring, custom designed my husband’s wedding ring and custom designed a pair of cuff-links for him too all with the help and kind guidance of Dale Condy. Who knew that Dale could take our napkin scribbles and make beautiful jewelry out of it?!
We take all our repairs and special projects to Gems of La Costa. No matter how big or small the project we always feel like we have their full attention and we always get honest trustworthy advice. They’ve solved repair problems no one else could!! And we always feel like we get a great value. If you are looking for beautiful jewelry, kind courteous caring people and great service – you’ve found the place!
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