A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Diamond Rings

The largest rough diamond in the world was 3,106 carats found in 1905. But, if you’re looking for a diamond ring, you’ll likely want it between one and five carats.

There are many different types of diamond rings on the market today to suit your preference. The cut, shape, and style can complement your personality and even make a statement themselves.

When you are shopping for a diamond ring, you must know what you are looking for. In this diamond ring buying guide, you will learn about the different aspects of a diamond ring so you can make an educated decision.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about diamond rings.

Diamond Ring Cuts

The cut, shape, and ring design are three things that make up the type of diamond rings you buy. The cut of your diamond is often confused with the shape. The cut refers to the diamond’s facets and their arrangement.

For example, there are three main types of cuts for round diamonds. They are single, brilliant, and Portuguese. Each version of the round diamond features a different number of facets that reflect the light and sparkle.

These cuts in diamonds are graded with four simple phrases. They include the following names:

  • Excellent cut
  • Very good cut
  • Good cut
  • Fair and poor cut

Excellent cuts and good cuts make up only a very small portion of diamonds. Nearly half of all diamonds make up the fair and poor cut category.


The Most Popular Diamond Shapes

There are two categories of diamond shapes. The first is round-shaped which includes a very shortlist of diamonds. The other is fancy shapes. Fancy shapes include all diamonds that are not round-shaped.


Round-shaped diamond rings are the most traditional of diamond ring types. Round brilliant cuts are regarded for their high number of facets that boast sparkle and contrast.

Many brides choose round-shaped diamonds for their engagement rings.

Fancy Shapes

When choosing a diamond ring, you will see many fancy-shaped diamonds. They include the following.

  • Oval cut
  • Emerald cut
  • Princess cut
  • Cushion cut
  • Marquise cut

These are only a few of the shapes included in this category. There are many different fancy shapes sold by jewelers today. Some brands like Tiffany and co even offer their signature shape.


The Most Popular Types of Diamond Rings

After someone has decided on the cut and shape of their diamond, there is still more to consider. Diamond rings can be made in several different ways. They can also include a few different diamonds.


The Solitaire diamond ring is a popular choice that hasn’t gone out of style. Its design includes one solid band with a single diamond. These two components are often custom to fit your personality.

For example, one variation of the Solitaire diamond ring is the Solitaire Accent ring. This ring features a larger diamond in the center with two side stones.

Another Solitaire option is the Solitaire Pavé ring. It includes a single large diamond at the center while the band is encrusted with smaller diamonds.


Three Stone diamond rings have a similar look to Solitaire Accent rings. They feature three separate diamonds. These diamonds are often the same size or similar sizes which sets them apart from the Accent ring.


Halo rings use a small band of diamonds to outline the center or accent diamond in the center. It is not uncommon to see Halo Pavé rings that bring the halo onto the band around the ring.

Find the Perfect Diamond Ring

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