Custom Jewelry Design: 3 Things You Should Know

35% of women opt for white gold jewelry, making this metal one of the most popular choices for women’s accessories. While most women prefer this metal for their jewelry, you might want something different. If so, why not get a piece that reflects your unique tastes?

A custom jewelry design is the perfect way to express your individuality. Keep reading for 3 things you should know about custom jewelry designs so you can feel confident in your choice.

1. Restoration

When most people think about custom jewelry designs, they envision new pieces that they’ve never seen before. But the truth is, custom jewelry designs can also include restoring old pieces or repairing damaged jewelry.

If you have an old piece of jewelry that has sentimental value but needs a little TLC, don’t toss it out! A jewelry designer can clean and polish it until it looks brand new again.

If your gemstone jewelry is damaged or chipped, it can be repaired at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy new jewelry. You may even find that having one stone replaced with another (such as replacing emeralds with rubies) will give your piece an updated look without altering its character too much.

Jewelers can do many things to make sure your old jewelry fits your style perfectly.

2. Price

Red Corundum Earrings By Luvente

Custom jewelry isn’t necessarily more expensive than the jewelry you might buy in a store. The price of custom jewelry can vary depending on the material and design, but many jewelers offer estimates before you decide to buy. That way, you’ll know exactly how much it will cost and can alter your requests to fit your budget.

For example, let’s say you want a pair of earrings made from fine gold and set with diamonds and rubies. The price would be quite high!

When you get your estimate, you can ask for 14-karat gold with pink sapphires or red corundum instead. This will still look stunning without breaking the bank.

Or perhaps you want a white gold ring with diamonds and emeralds. You could ask the jeweler to set it with one less diamond than they originally suggested. This way, you’ll still get the design you love without having to pay for extra stones.

Either way, creativity can lead to fantastic results at a lower price.

3. Time

It takes time for the artist to create your custom jewelry, so you can wait up to 6 weeks for your piece. You can, however, get it sooner if you need it for a special occasion.

Many jewelers will expedite your order so you can get it within a few weeks. This may cost extra, but it’s worth considering if time is of the essence.

Get the Perfect Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry is a great way to create something truly unique. It’s also a great way to restore old pieces that have sentimental value but are no longer in good condition.

When you’re looking for the perfect accessory, don’t settle for anything less. Take the time to find a jeweler who can create a jewelry design that’s as unique as you are. Gems of La Costa Jewelers is a great place to start.

Contact us today and speak with our master jewelry designer about your ideas.