Jewelry Cleaning: How Often Should I Be Washing My Wedding Ring?

Over 2 million people got married in 2019, and that means about 2 million wedding rings. Getting married can be one of the happiest occasions in our lives, but we don’t think much about it afterward.

The marriage might be forever, but the wedding is only one day, and a lot of the things we got specifically for the wedding are stashed away or forgotten. Our wedding ring is one such example.

They’re a symbol of our devotion to another person, but they should be more than just a symbol. Jewelry cleaning should be one of the ways we care for our wedding rings.

We’ll discuss how often to wash wedding rings in this article.

Ring Condition

Do wedding rings need to be cleaned? The answer is yes, but there’s disagreement on how often it should be cleaned. What people agree on is that it should be cleaned and maybe even sent to the jewelers whenever it gets dull.

Most metals are prone to oxidization, which means that they become dull when they are exposed to air for too long. The one metal that doesn’t do this is gold, or Platinum.

How to Clean a Wedding Ring

Jewelry cleaning of any kind can be complex, depending on how much cleaning the piece needs. One of the biggest questions to consider is whether you should take the ring to a jewelry store for a professional cleaning.

Professional cleaning isn’t needed often if you clean the ring every week or so. You should have it cleaned occasionally, but every 3-6 months is recommended as the jeweler will also check for loose stones and recommend repair if needed. If the ring ever gets particularly scratched or dirty, a professional refinishing can help to restore it.

You should avoid industrial liquids and anything containing chemicals when cleaning your jewelry because they can corrode the metal. Water and non-chemical cleaners should do fine. Let the ring soak in water for about twenty minutes, and then dry it off.

If you want something abrasive to get rid of the more stubborn wear and tear, a toothbrush will do fine. Be sure to scrub gently, though, because rings can be quite delicate.

Wedding Ring and Jewelry Cleaning: A Guide

Jewelry cleaning can seem tricky, but it’s simple if you practice regular maintenance. We’ve talked about some things to know when cleaning jewelry in the paragraphs above, but there’s plenty more to learn on our site.

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