We are open for business during regular hours.

We are still open for business.

As we all find our self in this unfamiliar situation, we are trying everything in our power to insure the safety and health of our employees and customers while continuing operations. We will remain in contact with our customers and update you on any changes to our situation and our operations.

Gems of La Costa is now offering while-you-wait jewelry repair in order to reduce the need to make two trips in and with the closing of restaurants and health clubs, there is now plenty of parking right out in front. 

Get your rings cleaned often.

With the health recommendations to wash your hands frequently, there are questions about if you should wear your rings or take them off for cleaning. As a general rule, use common sense. Should a ring get contaminated, just washing hands with the rings on, could keep trapped germs on the inside of the rings. If you take off your rings while cleaning your hands, make sure you disinfect the ring as well before putting it back on. (Do not use chlorine or bleach as these products can deteriorate the alloys in the metal possibly compromising clasps, prongs that hold gemstones and ring shanks).

Gems of La Costa is always happy to professionally clean your rings free of charge.

A word about hand sanitizers and hand lotion

Hand sanitizers contain a large amount of alcohol and can dry out your hands as well as certain organic gemstones like coral, opals, emeralds and pearls. Hands that are dry and cracked are less likely to absorb the antibacterial benefits of hand sanitizers and soap, however, hand lotion can be problematic for rings as well. Hollow spaces on the inside of rings can trap lotion and moisture under the rings and cause irritation and rashes.

Exterior Watch Cleaning for $45

One thing most people do not consider is how much dirt, sweat and grime gets trapped under and inside the band and under the body of a wrist watch. Some of that trapped dirt can cause corrosion as well as irritation. Right now, Gems of La Costa is offering exterior watch cleaning services from $45 to thoroughly clean and disinfect your watch. Included is the removal, ultrasonic deep cleaning and thorough hot steaming of the watch band, as well as, hand cleaning the watch case, bezel and backplate. You might be surprised at how great a clean watch looks and feels.


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