What to Say for a Marriage Proposal: The Right Words at the Right Time

When you’re ready to make the ultimate commitment to your partner, do you know what to say? Knowing when to propose is one thing. But knowing what to say is another.

You can look online for marriage proposal what to say or ask friends for ideas. With so many different ways to approach a proposal, a few suggestions will work the best. Read on to learn more about what you should say!

Tell the Story of Your Relationship

A popular way to enter a marriage proposal is by talking about your relationship’s timeline. Reminisce about your first date or talk about the first time you kissed. Or talk about how a friendship blossomed into a stronger romantic relationship.

You can talk about the values you share, too. This is a great way for your partner to see that you value the deeper connections that set the foundation for a lasting relationship. For instance, you may share religious, family, or financial views that make you compatible.

Express Your Feelings

When you’ve found your dream spouse, don’t hold back. Use a marriage proposal as an opportunity to express your feelings clearly. After all, a healthy relationship is one where you can share everything.

Your engagement planning may include jotting down some words that come to mind when you think of your partner. If you’re not the most emotional person, having a few keywords in mind can help. You want your partner to feel loved and cherished during this special moment.

Talk About the Future

While a long term relationship has a lot of history, it never hurts to discuss the future. During a proposal, communicate clearly what you envision for the future with your partner.

Maybe you’ve talked about having kids. Or maybe you want to buy a home together and renovate it. Perhaps you’ve talked about long-range career goals or you want to travel a lot.

Whatever your plans may be, talk about them as a point of excitement. A relationship will grow stronger if there is excitement about the future. It never hurts to remind your partner that your relationship has a lot to come!

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you propose, write down some notes. Memorizing your proposal is ideal, but notes will show you’re prepared. And it never hurts to inject a few humorous lines, either.

Determine when to propose, too. You may want to take your significant other to the site of your first date or another place with special meaning.

And plan how you want to present the engagement ring. You can take the traditional route and get down on one knee. But you may prefer a more creative one where your special someone discovers the ring.

Marriage Proposal What to Say

Still considering a marriage proposal what to say? Be authentic and choose a style and setting that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to write down some notes, and injecting a little humor never hurts.

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