A Brief Guide to Diamond Rings: The Essentials You Need to Know

When surveyed on the topic of diamond engagement rings, 32% of female respondents said that ring design is the most important to them, while a further 24% said they cared most for the diamond’s size. The largest portion of men in the same study looked at the ring’s total cost. The main takeaway is that different people value diamond rings for different reasons.

The question now is, what should we be on the lookout for when buying a diamond ring? Keep reading this handy guide to diamond rings to see what factors are useful to know about when ring shopping.

Diamond Cuts and Colors

A diamond cut refers to the arrangement of its faces. A good cut arranges the faces such that light passing through the diamond gives an amazing sparkle effect. Better cuts also bring out the diamond color in stones that aren’t clear.

Diamond colors are graded on a scale from D (clear) to Z (very visible). The more visible the diamond’s color is, the less valuable the diamond is until you get past Z. Very bright, colorful diamonds are considered “fancy” and that boosts the price again.

Size plays a role in how easy a diamond is to cut as well as its pricing. The size, cut, and color together make up the diamond’s final price. Many different types of diamond rings use big, luxurious stones but still end up being cheaper than ones with smaller diamonds because the big diamonds aren’t well cut.

Ring Design and Workmanship

The metal the ring gets made from contributes a lot to its price and its allure. Most people opt for gold, white gold, or platinum for their jewelry, but silver is a respectable option if you want to avoid overspending.

When jewelers talk about diamonds being “slightly included”, they’re referring to minor imperfections in diamonds or SI clarity diamonds. Though technical imperfections in a stone do make the diamond cheaper, they don’t make the ring as a whole second-rate by any means. A skilled jeweler can arrange the faces, use the metal, and craft the ring so that the end product is still valuable and captivating.

Practical and Ethical Concerns

Another thing to consider when buying a diamond ring is the jewelers themselves. Establishments with in-house jewelers are where jewelers get paid directly and fairly for their work.

Many chain jewelry stores buy rings from small-scale producers and sell them at a hefty markup, all while underpaying the original designer. You can avoid this unfair practice by buying directly from manufacturing jewelers and avoid overspending at the same time.

Find the Best Diamond Rings in California

There’s a lot of detail and tradition to account for when thinking about diamond rings. You’ll want to look at the cut, size, diamond clarity, and metal(s) present in the ring to get a full picture of the ring’s value. Considering the manufacturer or retailer’s source is also a good way to stay on the ethical and practical side of things.

Now that you know what to be on the lookout for, it’s time to start ring shopping! We have wonderful diamond, gold, silver, gemstone, and customized jewelry as well as restoration services available. Contact us today to find a piece that’s right for you!