The Gold Dilemma: Why Buying Solid Gold Jewelry Makes a Difference

Any jewelry lover hears the call of new shiny objects for their collection every so often. You catch a glimpse of something sparkly in a mall window or see something you’d love to have on another friend. When you feel that urge, it’s time to buy something new.

But what are you going to buy this time? A new garnet and silver ring? A gold-plated necklace?

Why not go for solid gold this time? Solid gold may seem like too much of a luxury for a standard purchase, but why not treat yourself? Keep reading to learn why we think you should buy gold this time around.

It Doesn’t Fade or Chip

Many people who want to buy new pieces but don’t have the money to buy high-end jewelry will settle for gold-plated or gold filled options. There’s a time and place for these, but if you’re craving something durable, are they the best choice?

When you buy something plated or filled, it means that the base metal (in the center of the jewelry) is something else. Sometimes it’s silver, copper, or even steel depending on the jeweler.

While there’s nothing wrong with that per se, these pieces can chip and fade over time. The gold layer is thin enough (and gold is soft enough) that a small chip can show the metal underneath.

This jewelry can also fade over time and eventually change color to the base metal.

With solid gold, you don’t have this problem. Gold can still chip, but it won’t stop looking gold. You may even be able to repair it.

You Can Pass It Down

When you have gold jewelry, it makes a great family heirloom. Solid gold, while soft, lasts a lifetime as long as you treat it with care.

Do you have any pieces that a family member passed down to you? These items hold a lot of value, and it’s sometimes more valuable than the initial purchase.

You can pass gold-filled or gold-plated jewelry down, but the condition of the jewelry won’t be as good and you won’t get the same longevity out of it.

It Looks Luxurious

One of the biggest reasons that people decide to buy solid gold instead of a cheaper alternative is that it looks expensive and luxurious. While new jewelry often looks nice at first, solid gold jewelry will continue sparkling and shining as long as you have it.

People notice the difference between solid gold and cheaper alternatives, even if they aren’t sure what they’re noticing.

You Deserve Solid Gold Jewelry

You deserve to treat yourself the next time you get a new piece of jewelry. Why not invest in a solid gold piece that will stand the test of time?

Gold is classic, luxurious, and beautiful. Don’t settle for less.

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